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Monday, June 2, 2008

Crowdfunding EcoRefills - Appeal for funding


I have recently been thinking of a new startup which combines both offline and online tools and I decided to gather the masses to start my new venture, EcoRefills.

This will be the first crowdfunding approach using my blog as a vehicle, and if there's anyone who is interested to contribute to the birth of EcoRefills by sharing your expert knowledge or money, please email me at triftan337@gmail.com.

If EcoRefills is conceptualized and running, this blog will serve as an updates to the company's happenings.

Company background and information

EcoRefills is a professional printer consumables refilling centre that promotes environmental awareness by recycling unwanted empty ink cartridges by refilling them and also promoting their refillable ink cartridges. By refilling the ink cartridges, one is actually reducing e-waste and protecting the environment.

EcoRefills hope to establish such outlets in reachable areas in Singapore, and will see future plans in expanding into the South East Asian region and the Middle East markets.

Crowdfunding plan

The idea of crowdfunding EcoRefills is to allow all people to be able to contribute to the growth of the company, share ideas and cast their votes in relation to the company’s plans.

Members may pay for eco-shares (or shares) of $50 and get a share in the company with a voting right. Members can start to make decisions about EcoRefills, participate in the forums, and vote for whatever ideas that we might have be it store location, product range, advertising and promotion and etc.

Once $50,000.00 is reached by selling eco-shares to members, a new outlet where members can have a chance to decide the location will be setup within 6 months time.

When the new outlet is setup and in operation for a year, 30% of the profits from the sales of that particular EcoRefills outlet will be distributed among members in the form of either cash or green credits to buy products on the website or they could choose to donate part of their profits to the charity that supports eco-awareness of their choice.

Members can buy eco-shares in more than one outlet and also buy more than 1 eco-share. Payout will be accordingly to the particular EcoRefills outlet’s sales performance.

Marketing Initiatives

Tapping into the social networks of online communities like facebook and friendster, we see it as a breeze to expand our idea through online word-of-mouth and publishing it on forums.

Everybody is talking about GO GREEN and saving the environment nowadays and it makes great sense for people to be able to do a bit for the environment while earning some attractive money and have their say in a company without having to invest huge capital.

Singapore will be our first location, and we will be moving in to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, U.A.E, Dubai and Bahrain.

Once again, if there's anyone who is interested to contribute to the birth of EcoRefills by sharing your expert knowledge or money, please email me at triftan337@gmail.com.

A website will be setup soon, meanwhile read about the latest updates in this blog.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sometimes, even the big ones will make mistakes..


Starbucks new logoStarbucks evergreen logo

Never change your corporate identity including your logo or company name once you have defined it for years, and all your customers know about it.

Starbucks have recently made a bad move by changing their corporate logo to a distasteful picture of a mermaid-like figurine with her breast exposed and her fishy legs spread open, resulting in a wide resentment from the Stakbucks faithfuls.

With her long flowing locks, elegantly curved tail and enigmatic smile, she has always been a symbol of ancient marine mythology. But they did it wrongly this time in a recent revival of their original 35-year old logo.

Sometimes you got to stick with what goes best and don't change it. Customers don't like to companies to mislead them.