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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Crazy Ideas


In this web 2.0 era, everything can happen. You can get to see countless of millionaires getting rich from their web projects and crazy ideas.

But how about any websites in Singapore that has hit it big like facebook or youtube? From my personal point of view, it's very crucial that you have to capture the larger audience like USA and Europe if you want to hit it big..

I recently got to know that there's a PRC who had earned her millions from developing virtual real estate in the online game, Second Life. What else cannot be done?

Maybe, I should hire 1000 people in PRC just to play World of Warcraft and hunt for gold and special items so that I can open an online trading business?

Any sponsors?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007



It's very important to be a good leader and to communicate well with your staff. Or else they would never tell you anything. Your staff are the most important resource. Hear from them. You might find out something that you might never know.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007



Has been a week since I posted here. I was away for reservist in-camp training for 8 days, it put me out of action and disconnected me from the virtual world. Boy, was I feeling deprived!

Reservist training is something that I would look forward for every year, for you get to mix with the group of friends that you eat and sleep with for a certain period of days, and a great opportunity for you to do some networking. You might even get some businesses from there!

It also refreshes my life-saving skills that are very useful in time to come.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Are You Mixing With The Wrong People?


Very often, our friends play a very important part in our lives more than our parents (Sad to say..) and we often listen to our friends more than anyone else. Normally, your best friends will always have almost the same characteristics and the same mindset as you.

So how do you develop a positive mindset? By mixing around with the correct company, of course. Being with a group of entrepreneurial friends does help me to develop the entrepreneur mentality and keeps me motivated.

What kind of friends should you avoid or spend less time with? From my experience, I would say the regulars and those working in the government sector are somehow comfortable getting their regular pay, enjoying their staff benefits, paid medical bills and ample bonuses, and you won't get much inspiration or grow with them. Unless you treat them like someone that you wouldn't want to be. I don't despise those working in government sector, but just that I think that they have a kind of a relaxed mentality where they wouldn't even think of stepping out their comfort zone to venture into entrepreneurship.

You might be already counting to the few friends that you have that are already starting out on their own. Don't worry! I am sure you have friends who are insurance agents, real estate agents, land bankers and direct sales people? Talk to them and learn how they motivate themselves. Most of the time, they are the one that have the entrepreneurial mindset for they have done what the usual people don't do.

Besides that, you can also join networking sessions to get to know like-minded friends in Singapore. I will cover networking in my later post.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's Not How Great You Are But How Good You Kiss Ass...


Inter-personal skills plays a very important part in your business. It's not how good your product is, or how knowledgeable you are. If you do not know how to kiss ass, you are going to lose your business.

Wonder how pharmaceuticals companies make their money? It's not how good their product are, but how good they kiss the doctors' ass. They treat the doctors to lavish dinners, exotic holidays, and exquisite gifts to win the doctors over. I too learned how to kiss ass from my mum. (but I didn't even have the budget to send all of them to a holiday in Batam...) She always advised me to buy some delicious cakes or food whenever I am visiting the photo shops to collect my orders, and during Christmas I will buy chocolates for every outlet, during Chinese New Year an ang-pow for each outlet, and during Mid-Autumn Festival, a box of mooncakes for each outlet. Of course, they were very happy and kept giving me good businesses.

It's very important that you keep in good contact with your suppliers and customers, and talk to them apart from giving gifts. If they like you, you will be able to dig out some information about your competitors and it's like they are giving you a competition market survey for FREE.

Try to treat your customers and business partners better and see the difference for yourself.

Don't Be A Slave To Your Business


In order for a business to work, you need manpower. If you were to slog day and night for your business just to save manpower costs, it's not considered a business anymore. It's rather called self-employment. If you don't work, the business doesn't generate revenue for you automatically. Just like a taxi-driver, if you don't drive your taxi, you get no income.

Just like when I was operating TR3DIO, I was the sole proprietor and I had to answer the phone calls from customers, collect the orders from photo shops, process the orders at home, check the orders, print labels and packaging and lastly deliver the orders. It was utterly a one-man-show. My time was very limited and I was occupied with the operations process that I didn't have time to do business development and marketing. I didn't have time to oversee the marketing aspect and that was when my competitor took away my business slowly - they were sucking up to the staff in the photo shops.

I could have hired some part-timers to do the work for me and also a part-time delivery man so as to ease my burden. Part-timers should play a very important part in a new business, because it's inexpensive to hire and you can increase your productivity without much burden on you. So that you can concentrate on the business development and the "sucking up" part where you are responsible to do the work. That's where the money is coming in!

If you feel that you are doing everything in your business. Stop and think how your business is going to grow if you got caught in the daily operations.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy Birthday to Singapore and Dad


Ok, I gave up. I gave up trying to blog using my brother's PSP. Been meddling with the wireless internet browser and went to the blogspot.com webpage until I was unable to log in. Trust me, you don't want to input text through multiple taps of a button like a mobile phone sms just to post a blog. Took me 30 seconds to get the bloody blog address typed out.

Happy 42nd birthday to Singapore. Did you go to the NDP parade or was somewhere near by the marina bay to catch the fireworks? Hope you're not caught in the crowd and traffic jam yeah. I remembered I once went to NDP with my secondary school friends, I could tell you that the atmosphere was something that I have never expected before, everyone was jubilating and were out there to enjoy. It was the only time of the year where you could really see Singaporeans not feeling paiseh to smile to each other, and screaming like nobody's business. I too opened my mouth , screamed and cheered but not because I was crazy. But I was moved by the enthusiasm. Anyway, that was the only experience that I couldn't even find a single empty cab after the parade. Everyone was frantically standing at the side of the road, hailing for the cab. Cutting your chance of getting the cab by getting ahead of you, I know you experienced such irritating events before right? Anyway, even the bus was jammed with humans, and everyone was so sweaty. From that experience onwards, I hate crowds and will not go out on special holidays like this unless I have to. I hate to have any body contact with anyone. The thought of sweaty skin sticking to me disgusts me.

By the way, it was my dad's birthday as well. The whole event was still okay except for a little disappointment for me.

P.S.: Outside my window, I can hear a man shouting on the mobile phone, don't know what language is that. Sounds like korean to me. He's shouting his head off, damn loud. NB. He's sitting at the bench outside and yelling. I feel like taking my metal rod and hit him on the head.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What Is Your GOAL?


Goal Setting and Achieving

All of us have our own goals in life. Without a goal, it's like a fairytale without an ending. So how do you set your goals and go about achieving it?

First of all, the goal must be realistic and achievable. You can't expect yourselves to have $1 million dollars in 10 years when you are only earning $2000 per month. Make sure that your goal is easy to achieve.

Your goal might be to travel around the world but when do you want to travel around the world? And what are the steps taken to achieve your target? You can't just say you want to travel around the world and wait for someone to give you an open air-ticket. Realistic steps must be made to achieve your target.

Set a timing for yourselves and the steps that have to be taken to achieve your target. Write down your goal on a piece of paper and stick it to somewhere where you can see it everyday so that it will be easy for you to remind yourselves of your goal. For example, you can also change the wallpaper of your computer to a touristy picture of your desired travel destination.

Then, zoom down to the details, for example what is the amount that you need for you to travel around the world, and how much do you need to save per year, per month, and per day.

Trust me, you will have a clearer picture of how to achieve your target easily instead of just plainly thinking about your goal.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We Are All Learning From Each Other


Ever since I turned 21, I started up my business with a couple of friends and registered under the name of TR3DIO (Pronounced as "three-dio") Back then, the registry of businesses was still with ACRA. In Singapore, as long as you are above 21 yrs old, you can register your own company. With the advancement in technology especially the government sector, you can register your business name and licence through one central website within 15mins.

Ok backtracking here.. since my first experience in business, I have never regretted ever since. Even though I have failed in some businesses and gained in some businesses, I am not disheartened. As there's always something to learn from the failures and setbacks, and it makes me into a more stronger and optimistic individual.

When something failed to work as what you have expected, try not to blame it on yourself or luck. Treat it as a lesson learned and discover your mistakes and bear in mind that you are not going to repeat the same mistake again. Life's all about learning. Isn't it?

I too learned from mistakes; bumped here and there, but I am still as hopeful and enthusiastic about entrepreneurship as before. And I want to be building businesses and sharing my experiences with people. Guess it's my goal in life.

Don't Be Afraid Of Competition


My manager in the company that I have recently joined, made an interesting remark during training yesterday. It was when one of our new colleagues asked if there's any competitors in their field, and the manager retorted that there's always competition throughout your life.

During a job interview, you are actually competing with other candidates and when you are at your workplace, you are also competing with your colleagues to win that well-deserved promotion.

Competition exists in all business so why bother about competition in the first place? I would say that winning your customers is more important than winning your competitors. You will enjoy the rewards more. Unless the competitors start grabbing your customers..

Do what you can, for competition = more awareness and awareness = more customers.

Monday, August 6, 2007

How to edit your blogger template without the fucking XHTML error message


I hope this post can be searched by people who has the same problem like me as well. That's why I feel the need to post this tip that I have discovered through the support forums.

So your error message goes like this:

"We were unable to preview your template
Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please
make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The document type declaration for root element type
"html" must end with '>'. "

So how do you solve this annoying problem?
You see, blogspot has updated to XHTML, however there are not much XHTML templates that you can find, most of them in HTML format. So change it to the classic HTML template by clicking "revert to classic" at the bottom of template page.

That's great. You can update your template now.

My virgin post


Damn. Finally decided to create a blog for myself once and for all. Initially, the thought of writing my own blog, posting my thoughts and exposing my private life, my ass and photos disgusted me.

But everybody's bloody blogging, why not me? I hate to be a people's follower, but my friend once said that he wanted to inspire people with his accomplishments and life experience, and I thought hey why not? I am too qualified to share my experiences in life and business since I have survived the hard knocks of life. Although I am not like Nanz Chong who lost millions of dollars, but experience is what it counts.

If you would like to know, I have been creating my websites with cheapskate free webservers and been updating it like a blog since the 1990s and there wasn't such thing as blogger or wordpress. It was purely uploading html pages to the webserver everytime I write a new post. So hack, I am 您阿公 ok?

Time to catch some sleep, going to report to my new job tmw.

P.S: The writer is still trying to figure out how to edit the template without the stupid XHTML error message.