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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sometimes, even the big ones will make mistakes..

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Starbucks new logoStarbucks evergreen logo

Never change your corporate identity including your logo or company name once you have defined it for years, and all your customers know about it.

Starbucks have recently made a bad move by changing their corporate logo to a distasteful picture of a mermaid-like figurine with her breast exposed and her fishy legs spread open, resulting in a wide resentment from the Stakbucks faithfuls.

With her long flowing locks, elegantly curved tail and enigmatic smile, she has always been a symbol of ancient marine mythology. But they did it wrongly this time in a recent revival of their original 35-year old logo.

Sometimes you got to stick with what goes best and don't change it. Customers don't like to companies to mislead them.