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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lots of business ideas

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I always have a lot of business ideas in my mind. Sometimes people ask, how do you have so much ideas?

It often comes out of my mind when I am trying to solve a problem and voila, it just comes out like that. But ideas aside, an idea without a good marketing plan is a bad idea after all. So bad that sometimes I chuck my ideas aside in the "kiv" department in my mind that I forgot that it exists.

The other thing that I need is vitamin M too. I still believe that you need Money to earn Money, big idea aside.

Here are some of the ideas that I have, if you happened to be the filthy little jerk that steals my ideas and got rich from it, share it with me.

1. Last minute Exhibition space bidding portal - If you are in sales or marketing, you probably encounter this before: sales has been dropping and in order to gain more sales, you need to increase your exposure. So you go online to search for any tradeshows or exhibitions in your country or other foreign country. Hmm..this looks good but heck, it's a bit expensive or this tradeshow will be starting in one weeks time. But you badly want to be in the tradeshow, even though you might not get good places but at least you can still get a share of the action. This portal helps you to get cheap last-minute spaces in participating fairs around the world.

Idea rating: ****** (this is a totally marketable idea, but the backroom preparation is too huge)

2. update you soon.